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  • Olga Viloria

Questioning Stressful Beliefs The Byron Katie Way

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Girl in the park doing the work of Byron Katie

In a recent blog I mentioned that I’d been feeling overwhelmed, and how I resolved to confront the belief that was holding me back.

To begin with, this belief was unconscious to me, but feeling uneasy I took some time to reflect. Starting with a process of ‘free-flow writing’, the belief causing me stress began to emerge on the page.

Once I became aware of the stressful belief, I decided to question it. You might be wondering, "What does it mean to question a belief, and how do you do it?”. I use a process developed by Byron Katie. She has a method for examining problematic beliefs or thoughts that cause us pain or hold us back - known as ‘The Work’.

In a moment of life-changing insight, Byron Katie realised that her troubles arose not so much from her situation, but from the thoughts she had about the situation. She realised a simple truth: When she believed her thoughts, she suffered. When she questioned them, she was happy.

Her approach involves asking four simple questions about the problematic belief. Each question encourages deep introspection and self-inquiry. Honest exploration provides insight into the validity and impact of your beliefs.

After answering these questions, Katie suggests a "turnaround" exercise, this involves considering alternative perspectives or opposite statements that challenge the initial belief. This exercise makes it easier to consider different viewpoints, which ultimately expands your understanding of the situation.

‘The Work’ helps you to get out of a mental rut. In my own experience, I’ve found the process to be a highly effective tool for personal growth and transformation. Above all, it’s easy to do, once you know how.

Most people I introduced it to, can effectively apply it on their own after just a little guidance and coaching.

You can find a step-by-step description of the process at:

If you need help implementing an effective exploration process, whether through Byron Katie’s method or other approaches, I’d be glad to offer my experience and guidance. Face to face and remote appointments are available, with an introductory free 30 minute consultation.


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